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Month: December 2023

The Journey Begins

Nothing is constant with this era – the changes are constant, we humans are well-versed to manage up with all sort of time and situations.

Time is running faster about what we expect – everything is changing really fast, however, we’re also fortunate enough to be blessed and gifted by using these historical and heritage driven places, which easily connects us towards the days of past.

One Day Trip To Agra From Delhi By Car-

About Agra – Place yourself out there and pay attention to what the world appears like. Agra is surely an amazing city well-occupied and rich in millions of travel enthusiast each and every year without fail.

A well-known city found on the banks in the river Yamuna and multiplying charm for the Northern state of Uttar Pradesh. There are numerous places of attraction among, that this Taj Mahal is often a wondrous destination for a stop by.

One can certainly sit for hours to stare on the undeniable beauty standing tall. Well decorated because of the river Yamuna as well as the sun also plays an essential part to incorporate more glory to its impressive architecture.

The White- ivory marble shines up bright once the sun gets up – the yellow and orange being a shade in the sunrise turns it into an imaginary mausoleum.

Places to see in Agra-

Taj Mahal
Agra Fort
Tomb of Itimad – Ud – Daulah
Akbar’s Tomb
Jama Mosque
Taj Museum
Jahangir Palace
Mehtab Bagh
Moti Masjid
Tomb of Mariam – Uz- Zamani
Sikandra Fort

Why from Delhi – Welcome to your city of Delhi – Capital City

Delhi also may serve as the gateway to country India, trained and developed to serve the travelers from around the world with frequent flights service.

This city is associated with most on the regions as well as the major attractions of country India and also abroad.

Distance and travelling time from Delhi to Agra – Approximate 4 hours – 233.00 Kilometers.

Enjoy an even ride towards the Delhi Airport/Railway station – board your pre-booked car and obtain going towards Agra.

Enjoy a peaceful sight and pump your heart with thrill and excitement. Once you reach there the stunning mausoleum holds back for your arrival – mark your presence at Taj Mahal, later turn your direction to Agra Fort.

After acknowledging and embracing the impressive and striking beauty come across the Tomb of Itimad – Ud – Daulah [Baby Taj].

Feel happy while you made your entire day worth. Enjoy a ride returning to Delhi Airport/Railway station and from that point head towards your property with a lot of precious memories.

Find the Best Travel Buddy

Picking the top travel buddy is for sure to be a tough decision. There are many different issues that can be considered to generate the happy, relaxed and friendly atmosphere throughout a trip. Let’s take a peek at a few of the essential things:


A excellent place to start within the search for a travel buddy is to look for someone with the exact same or similar kind of personality. Whether you are the relaxed type or people that are constantly away from home and energetic, you’ll find it benefits to travel using the like-minded companion. Also, the style of activities within the travel plan is going to influence the travel buddy.

Additionally, you have to make sure the travel itinerary can complement all parties. It will surely help if your personalities match in this region because a happy-go-lucky person as well as an organization junkie can have difficulty getting along.


Many travelers would rather stay in a reliable hotel on their own travels and eat at restaurants inside the evenings, while some will have no trouble with moving from cheap guest house to a higher and going out to restaurants or even experiencing the street food scene in a few countries. Instead of getting frustrated having a travel buddy regarding the cost of travel, it’s going to benefit to employ a proper conversation so that you can come to an adequate agreement prior to on the road.

Shared interests

It definitely will help to travel that has a travel buddy which has shared interests if you need to avoid very long periods of awkward silence. The ability to keep a conversation going can be really difficult if each party have very different interests. For this reason, you’ll discover it benefits to travel with a person that shares a number of your interests.

Practice runs

A easy way to decide if a travel buddy would be the right fit for some time trip would be to take a practice run. This can simply involve choosing a short trip together throughout the day. It can help travel to a fully new place for each party and see if you’re able to both concur with things like obtaining a preferred restaurant, activities, transportation, etc. It may be required to compromise on occasion, even so the all-round experience should always be fun and enjoyable.

Overall, it will take time to get the travel buddy which fits the personality, hence the entire process ought to be carefully planned to lower issues when traveling.