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Month: December 2023

A Story of Transformation


It is known that Can Picafort is directly related to its urbanistic rise in these last three decades, but it is also correct that Can Picafort is usually a spot stuffed with history.

Located nearby sites of Bronze Era, the initial known significant settlement on the area takes us time for VII century before Christ, like archaeological remains shown us for the S’illot d’es Porros or even the cemetery of Phoenicians.

The tasks of conservation have found important findings in necropolis plus the access may be allowed to visitors. Today, Son Bauló is one in the most highly valued beach of Mallorca and is also located inside on the Natural protected division of special interest of Son Real.

The latest history of Can Picafort only has one century. At that moment, Can Picafort would have been a small fishing village that subsisted on account of agriculture and fishery. At that time, having farmland provided richness, in truth, by that time, huge amounts of costal lands were available for purchase. The Mallorcans that bought those lands have recently a huge fortune. And back in the beginning from the century some rich families from Santa Margalida chosen Can Picafort. One of these families bought the land from Jeroni Fuster, alias Picafort, some of those fisherman’s houses, as well as the former owner gave the name to your town, Can Picafort.

Until the 70’s, Can Picafort had 200 citizens. These first families set the idea of Can Picafort development, and from now on has become one on the more interesting touristic spots with the island, mainly for German and English people, however you also can find tourists all around the world.

Walking in Can Picafort

While walking in Can Picafort you’ll find red and white towels who’s immediately catches your vision. Those construction are distributed uniformly in the coast. These towels were made out of the 40’s prior to the 70’s and were military constructions utilised by the marine for submarine firing practice within the Alcudia bay.

An illustration with the town respect due to its history is that among those towels is actually in just for the town center just inside middle of a street along with the cars need to border it circulation.

Furthermore, the growing tourism in Can Picafort generated an increasing better tourist offer in any respect levels: gastronomy, shops, sea activities, beach clubs in Ses Casetes des Capellans.

However, it really is worthy to check out its beaches and the activities from the beaches. One from the best ones would be the Son Bauló beach, located between Can Picafort and Son Serra de Marina high is no one about the beach within the August month. But if you want crowded beaches your easiest choice is Muro beach, just in the North of Can Picafort.

Close to Can Picafort is positioned Son Serra de Marina, the town has not grown as Can Picafort does, however its population grow in summertime because of Mallorcans have placed their second residence there. Son Serra de Marina has 3 beaches and has now become a place of pilgrimage for surfers.

Decades ago, Can Picafort beaches were totally virgin, filled with bushes. These last years, the location council has allowed the area to offer better usage of tourists and show a mild and comfortable side from the beaches.

Turism in Can Picafort

In these day there is really a family tourism, because Can Picafort is clear of big city concentrations this is surrounded by nature.

One on the growing demands of tourists is usually to rent a spead boat in Can Picafort. The Alcudia bay, and specially Can Picafort offers the many possibilities the sea lovers search: beautiful landscapes, sea, cute towns, plus the most important, clear waters.

As a proof of this, the Can Picafort Nautical club has risen the number of moorings from 80 to 450 from the last years.

The middle age tourist with middle/high purchasing power has risen the number of boats rented from the Alcudia bay. Some with the experimented sailors want to rent boats with license to savor with their family the Alcudia bay by sea.

However, the offer how the young tourists such as the most will be the boat rental without license, that gives them freedom amazing experiences and not having to have a speed boat license.