Pet Friendly Motel

Do you adore your pet to ensure that you can’t leave him behind when travelling? You are lucky and there is many motels that enable pets. If this is initially that you are travelling with your dog, here’s what you should expect:

Where the Dog Stays

Pet friendly motels have small cages where your canine friend will stay. If your puppy is crate-trained, he’ll find it very comfortable to reside the motel; however, if vacant, he may be anxious and realize its hard to accustom to your new place. Before you book the motel you ought to take a tour with the facility make certain that it’s neat, odorless and well organized.

If you don’t want your canine friend to stay in a smaller cage it is best to find a facility which offers upscale boarding. Such a facility usually has a little room with dog beds and toys that provides the dog the impression that he is still in your own home. If your pet dog has arthritis, you must ensure that the bedroom is large enough for him to run around.

Walking the Dog

Most motels will help you to walk canine twice a day for only a few minutes during a period. Before you book a motel be sure that you see the number of times that you’re allowed to walk your dog. If you want your puppy to get more exercises you ought to ask if there’s a fenced area where your new puppy can roam a lttle bit.


While many pet friendly motels will cook pet foods, the meal may not be the off the shelf food for your furry friend. Since a general change in diet can result in stress resulting to diarrhea and vomiting, it seems sensible that you carry your food.

You should be aware that many pets do not eat well when boarding; therefore, it is best to always carry balanced diet that will make the motel food more palatable. To protect your pet dog always let the boarding facility know your food that your canine friend can and cannot eat.

When the Pet Gets Sick

It’s common for pets to obtain sick. The cool thing is always that many good motels regularly monitor them to make certain that they are well. You should note it is your responsibility to take care with the veterinary bills in the event your four-legged friend gets sick.


This is what you ought to expect once you visit a pet friendly motel. To have a great experience always complete a thorough research and come up with the best motel in your community.

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