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They Pruned the Trees the Right Way

When my mom had someone come out and prune several of her trees a few years ago, I was surprised at how much the trees looked the same. She had paid a hefty price for it to be done, but I honestly could not tell very much pruning had been done. They assured me that it had been, but I knew I would never use that company for myself. When I bought a house with several trees on the property, I did some research on the various Nassau County tree pruning companies.

I knew that I needed to have someone come out and look at the trees and give me an estimate on what it would cost to have them all pruned, but I wanted to make sure that the company was reputable first. I did not want a repeat of what my mom had gone through. When I started reading about the pruning expertise of Clearview Tree and Land Corp., I knew that I had found the company that I wanted to use. What made me choose them was the knowledge and education that the workers have when it comes to pruning trees.

I knew that any company could put whatever they want on their website, so I reserved judgment until they came out to give the estimate. I was impressed with what I heard and saw, and the price they gave was extremely fair. I went ahead and contracted them to do this job, and I was so happy when they were done. I knew as soon as they finished the first tree that they were going to be do all of them perfectly. I could see such a difference in all the trees when they were done. They actually looked a lot better and much healthier too. I am going to have my mom use them next time she wants work done on her own trees.

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