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Month: December 2023

La Rambla Area of Barcelona


La Rambla is usually a street in central Barcelona, containing trees on both the edges of the road and this also place is quite popular with the tourists. Barcelona could be the closest airport to the present popular tourist destination. So once you’ve checked for your favorite hotel, you could possibly choose to take a stroll within this street.

La Rambla actually can be a series of shorter streets like Rambla de Canaletes (houses Font de Canaletes fountain), Rambla dels Estudis (houses the Church of Bethlehem), Rambla de Sant Josep (flower market), Rambla dels Caputxins (houses the Liceu opera-house), Rambla de Santa Mònica (arts center). So when you stroll within this street exploring its beauty and magic, there are many places you need to visit.

1) Miró Mural- If you are an art lover, then tend not to miss the Joan Miró’s circular tile work, which has been crafted from the artist himself and when you look closely enough, you’re going to get to see his signature around the tiles. Look near Liceu Metro and Liceu Theater and you may find that this city offers quite a bit to thank the artists Gaudí and Miró with created a portion of Las Ramblas.

2) Museu de l’Erotica- The entrance fee to the present unique kind of museum is seven euros, and it is often a good fun for adults searching for a little naughty afternoon. There are raunchy mannequins showing different sex positions, old pornography videos playing device, stripper Barbies and lots of such things which can hold your interest for a short time.

3) Human Statues- This street is full of human statues which frequently look like an actual statue. These small children will entertain you frequently with their tricks and also you cannot pass around without admiring their costumes and make-up. They consider the get up of famous celebrities and entertain the tourists and children a lot.

4) Show at Liceu- Liceu Theater has preserved the cultural richness with this city and infrequently plays from Shakespeare’s famous collections and novels like ”Romeo Juliet,” and ”Othello” are played here. You can enjoy opera, ballet, dance programs, concerts and plenty of other interesting programs there.

5) La Boqueria- If you love fruits and veggies and vegetables, and therefore are looking for some within this trip, then take a stroll on La Boqueria. Enjoy a vino or two and some street food after doing all of your shopping. Buy some fresh meat and fish and prepare a steak at that time during the cooking classes around the streets.

6) Art Gallery at Centre d’Art Santa Monica- This gallery house was opened in 1988 and it also patronises the ability of contemporary artists. There is no entry fee. Hence look at the details on the ongoing exhibition and pay a visit.

7) Placa Reial- You may decide to sip a cup of joe and relax on this picturesque plaza. The famous architect Gaudi had created some beautiful looking lampposts, that you can enjoy and take pictures with. If you want to involve some other kinds of fun, then go to nightclubs in Placa Reial and you will probably not be disappointed.

Columbus Monument, Art at Palau de la Virreina or Centre d’Art Santa Mònica, Baroque Eglesia de Betlem church, Wax museum of Madame Tussauds etc. are a handful of other places that you would like to visit in your trip to this particular famous street. Just rent a motorcycle and roam around and you will probably definitely feel that the vacation was worth every penny.

Travel Attractions in Ontario, Canada


Ontario, Canada, you will find 40% of Canada’s population, has a number of the top-rated places of interest in the world. Ontario has breathtaking views and sights through all four seasons. The province has several lakes, various architectural wonders, and is particularly both the national and cosmopolitan capital of Canada. Here are top 10 sightseeing opportunities in Ontario.

1. Parliament Hill

Designed with large archways, copper adorned turrets, and Gothic revival gargoyles, Parliament is the one other top destination in Canada. One on the main top features of Parliament Hill may be the Centre Block, the key building in the Canadian Parliament. In the middle with the Centre Block may be the iconic Peace Tower. The clock and bell tower stands slightly over 300 feet and is particularly covered with stone carvings of gargoyles. The Centre Block got its start in the mid-1800s and was one from the first homes in the Canadian government.

2. CN Tower

The CN Tower may be the most iconic sight in Canada. It’s a marvel of 1970’s engineering plus it always ranks as one with the top places to see in every Canada travel guide. It has each side a gigantic hypodermic needle however its main role is always to act as a communications tower. It is one on the highest free standing structures on this planet that stretches with a height of just one,815 feet.

3. Killarney Provincial Park

Killarney is usually referred to as being the “crown jewel of Ontario parks”, with one with the highest rated kayaking destinations on the globe. At Killarney, people can spend days going through the well-over 50 lakes and network of trails that supply spectacular vistas from the lakes and Georgian Bay.

4. Elgin & Winter Garden Theater

This can be a restored a thing of beauty that is thought to be one in the last fully functional Edwardian double-decker theaters. The Winter Garden was first developed because the flagship for the vaudeville chain that never started while the downstairs was converted into a movie house. Tours in the theater operated with Thursdays and Fridays.

5. Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum celebrated its centennial in 2014 which is regarded as one from the largest natural history museums in North America. With the addition of “The Crystal” entrance on Bloor St. in 2007, the museum building combines the conventional heritage buildings with modern architecture with great effect (and controversy). It is usually a memorable destination to check out with friends.

6. 1000 Islands Tower

Found within the isle of Ivy Lea, approximately 20 kilometers from the place generally known as Gananoque, lies the 1000 Islands Tower. This 130-meter-high observation tower provides exceptional views with the archipelago from two open locations and it has exceptional exhibits around the glass enclosed deck design. Though it’s an historical site, we have an elevator for convenience.

7. National Gallery of Canada

This location is a bit more than just a tourist destination, it is also a work of genius. It has a unique ensemble of glass spires and pink granite which complement the copper topped towers of nearby Parliament. The interior section features vaulted galleries, a Canadian art exhibition, and various other notable American traditional kinds of art.

8. Canadian Canoe Museum

Exhibiting one from the largest collections of kayaks and canoes, this museum can also be a top-rated travel destination. It has an exceptional display of 150 canoes plus it also documents the long good reputation for water navigation that occurred inside country. This occurred within the 17th to 1800s, when North America was one on the top canoe destinations.

9. Boldt Castle

This lavish, traditional North American castle is found from the middle of St. Lawrence. The Boldt castle originated by George C. Boldt, who was simply one with the developers on the notable Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York City. Several thousand tourists go by this location each and every year to enjoy the scenic structures.

10. Ripley’s Aquarium

This aquarium is situated in Ontario which is one in the three aquariums of the Ripley Entertainment network. The aquarium holds 1.5 million gallons of water and exhibits marine life of all over the world. It is organized into nine galleries, showing various fish, sea animals and marine habitats.

The Hilltop Town of Ronda


Ronda can be a city that’s famous for the Mondragón Palace, however there is certainly more towards the city you should not miss on your visit on this autonomous community of Andalusia. Ronda is incorporated in the Spanish province of Málaga and you will take a flight towards the Málaga airport to check out this city. Take a car/taxi and travel for approximately 109 KM to arrive at the beautiful town of Ronda.

Gibraltar airport (109 KM), Jerez airport (122 KM) and Tangier airport in Morocco (130 KM) is also another airports that you just can choose in order to see Ronda. Before reaching the town, for you to do your advanced bookings inside the hotels to prevent any disappointment. There are luxurious hotels like Hotel Rural Molino del Puente Ronda, Finca Los Pastores, Hotel Rural El Cortijo etc. There are more than 100 hotels from which to choose. If you are inexepensively, you might even choose furnished apartments on your short visit to Ronda.

Ronda tops their email list of many tourist guides therefore you might be wondering why. Here are some with the places you have to visit on your trip to Ronda.

1) Alameda Park- Rent a bicycle and relish the picturesque surroundings. Take pictures using the meadows loaded with wild flowers and walk through the olive groves. Take some pictures after you pass through the white walled villages and have a small picnic in Alameda park. On your way time for your hotel, take pleasure in the blue hazy mountains surrounding this captivating small Spanish town. When you are from the park, tend not to miss the top viewing platform of El Balcon del Cono. Enjoy the panoramic countryside you miss near you life daily.

2) Bullrings- The ones who have already been mesmerised because of the matadors and bull fights in movies can fulfil their fantasy here. One on the oldest bullrings owned through the Romero family in Spain is found Ronda therefore you can think of visiting the place if you possess guts. Plaza de toros de Ronda would be the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain that has been built in 1784. Architect José Martin de Aldehuela designed this building inside the Neoclassical style also it can hold over 5000 spectators. The festival of ‘Corrida Goyesca’ is often a unique and historical bullfight festival which can be similar for the ones you might have watched in movies. It takes place every year in Ronda and if you’re an enthusiast, then will not miss it.

3) The Palacio with the Marqués de Salvatierra- This is usually a small museum of Renaissance art and artefacts and you also may choose to see it for a couple of hours. If you are a fan of Madonna, then you can want to check out this place. Her music video ”Take a Bow” was shot from the palace from the Marquis of Salvatierra.

4) Bridges- There are three bridges within this beautiful white city that you simply should not miss- Puente Romano, Puente Viejo and Puente Nuevo. The architecture these bridges is interesting to view. Even though ”Puente Nuevo” which suggests ”new bridge” was constructed in 1793, it’s still a very sturdy structure.

This town of Ronda is loaded with beautiful buildings like Plaza del Socorro, and many more. This building may be the political center of the city along with the Andalusian flag was hoisted with this building in 1918. This city may be the third most visited city in Andalucia. So spend a few days with this magnificent city, so you will feel as if buying a villa here and settling down.