Costa De La Luz

The Coast of Light – Costa de la Luz – will lie upon the coast of Spain it really is located for the Andalusia coast and provides you stunning, panoramic views in the Atlantic. It’s gastronomic tradition, culture, religious holidays, parties, nature, golf, water-based activities…

Its beaches bathed because of the Atlantic Ocean show an all natural face of great environmental value having a fine pristine typical on the desert. It is usually a landlocked country, mostly quiet and peaceful, great for sunbathing and relax from the raging crowd. Do not hesitate, if you already plan your holidays, you could consider options of destination Huelva and Cadiz. You will not regret your selection. Tree in the most beautiful beaches on the Costa de la Luz are.


• Playa de Bolonia – Cádiz:

Bolonia is one from the most popular beaches in Spain. Its wild, isolated appearance and pristine makes it one in the most favorited beaches for nature lovers. The dunes are an attractive point that ranks this part from the coast of Gaditan one of the better in the country. The natural monument referred to as Dune of Bolonia, which consists of 30 meters high and 200 meters wide can be a must-see, thus distinguishing itself from the namesakes. In addition, the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia are extremely close to the therapy lamp. Do not miss the beaches of Cadiz when they will surprise you, specifically in this enclave.


• Playa de La Caleta – Cádiz:

The beach of La Caletta could be the only beach from the old capital of scotland- Cadiz (others are to the south on the seaside resort) and one in the busiest. Its picturesque setting involving the two castles of Cadiz (San Sebastian within the left featuring its lighthouse and Santa Catalina for the right) and its particular thermal center inside the center in the beach (white building) provide it with a certain authenticity. Its sand is okay and pleasant. The atmosphere can be quite cosmopolitan. On the left side, you may reach the castle of San Sebastian by way of a dike with several accesses to small coves and rocks (some go to fish at low tide). The beach is quite well protected, it really is one in the least hectic inside area. Let yourself discover this beach known across the world through music and poetry.


• Playa de Zahara de los Atunes – Cádiz:

Zahara de los Atunes, can be a small and beautiful fishing village from municipality of Tarifa. It can be quite famous due to the white sandy beaches and uncrowded.

With in excess of 7 km long, on the village of Zahara to Cape Grace. This is really a fantastic pristine sand beach, especially for aquatic adventures, windsurfing and diving. In summer, the beach is extremely lively using its bars full of tourists and vacationers. Also worth a trip the “Beach from the Germans”. This is really a beautiful beach about the side of a mountain. With only 1500 meters long, can be a beach of clear sand and surrounded by the beautiful environment and a narrow access road, which on the peak of summer might be almost blocked. It has few amenities, just a few papers and cleaning service. It has no bars or restaurants nearby.

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